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Analisis and data management

Description of the Service

Opentach is a service for digital tachograph data management which allows the downloading, hosting and digital files processing.

With Opentach, companies with digital tachographs will comply with the obligation of data downloading and their hosting.

Moreover, companies will be able to know the activities of their vehicles as well as their infringements and fines. All this will allow the company to make management decisions, as well as to correct behaviours to prevent infringements (excess in driving times, reduction on resting periods, not making manual entries, speeding, etc.) Opentach is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Available reports

Opentach is a technologically advanced solution for the management, analysis and hosting of digital tachographs data, which provides, among others:

Driver reports:

  • Activities
  • Vehicles used
  • Infractions
  • Number of kilometres travelled by the driver
  • Driver labour report
  • Driving time and resting periods.
  • Times and distances.


Vehicle reports:

  • Drivers
  • Incidents, failures, etc.
  • Number of kilometers covered by the vehicle
  • Speed
  • Vehicle technical information


Other information:

  • Downloads
  • Summary of activities and incidents
  • Tachograph events
  • Driver's card Expiry Date
  • Next revision of the tachograph
  • Issue of the activity certificate


Data hosting

Opentach will keep the data during one year. Our hosting system guarantees: a download service available 365x24; the confidentiality of the stored data; safe information management system; the guarantee of obtaining the information anytime and anywhere. All our services are certified and approved by the standards of ISO 27001:2005


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