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Data download

Download anywhere and anytime

With Opentach system is possible to download, easily and remotely, all your drivers and vehicles data by means of your Smartphone BlackBerry and Android, complying with the mandatory EU technical and legal requirements.

Download digital tachograph and driver card data by means of the TachoCable.

If you are an Opentach customer, download the driver card data and your quick report by means of the e-lector.

Tachored network

TACHORED is Opentach’s download centre network which is available and free for all Opentach customers, so that their drivers can download their driver card and digital tachogpraph data anywhere.

With this system, the company will comply with its obligations on downloading their driver card and digital tachograph data anywhere without delays or hindrances.

The condition of our centers for the data download might be altered for reasons beyond Opentach; therefore, our recommendation is that if in doubt, contact our customer service

Download on the premises

Opentach allows downloading digital tachograph data on the premises.

With an internet connection, you will be able to host your data on Opentach keeping a copy of them on your computer. Similarly, it is possible to retrieve all the files sent from the app.

To make the download easier from the headquarters, Opentach provides all its customers with a card reader.


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