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OPENSERVICES CONSULTORIA EN TRANSPORTES, S.L. is a Technology-Based Firm (TBF) or spin-off that operates mainly in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Its mission is focused on the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness by the development and implementation of specific management tools adapted to its customer’s information system. Our company was founded in 2007 as a result of the increased demand of services of analysis, management and hosting of digital tachograph data due to the adoption of the technical specifications described in Annex I.B EC Regulation 1360/2002, of July 13, 2002 (on a range of devices to control the road transport, which forced the installation of a control device since January 1, 2006) by the European Commission.

Thus was born Opentach®: an innovative service, in constant evolution, of analysis, management and hosting of digital tachograph data which complies with the technical requirements specified in Regulation EEC 3281/85.

The company counts on a team of specialized professionals on one hand,  in Computing, programming and technological development programs and, on the other hand, in the field of administrative and criminal law, for both, goods and passengers transport, as well as on road safety.

Therefore, OPENSERVICES CONSULTORIA EN TRANSPORTES, S.L. provides technological solutions that speed up companies’ internal management and all those processes related to data capture and the management and processing of the information.

Besides, currently, our company is planning the creation of technologies for improving the software development productivity using technologies to give solutions to customers and the technology to other companies following a partnership strategy.



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